Pramukh TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) Bars

Our company produces high tensile steel profiles conforming to US 155:2006 (Uganda Standard) and BS 4449-2005 for reinforcement of concrete. Steel bars are manufactured in shapes of Ribbed (Deformed), Round. All shapes of bars pass from different processes. Shapes of bars pass from TMT process are as follow:


TMT is a metallurgical process that integrates work hardening and heat-treatment into a single process. The process also known as quenching process in which it produces a high strength bars from low carbon steel.

The process starts with 100mm² billets are progressively rolled to reduce the size and shape to reinforcing bar. After the last rolling stand it passes from a quench box. In the quench box it pressurized by water to make upper surface harder and inner part of the bar remains softer. The sudden drop in temperature converts the upper surface of the steel bar to a hardened structure. After intensive cooling by the quenching process is followed by further cooling in atmosphere, so that the temperature between the hot inner part of the bar and the cooled upper surface is equalized, and the upper surface gets tempered by the heat from the inner part of the bar. These bars therefore exhibit a variation in microstructure in their cross section, having strong, tough, tempered marten site in the surface layer of the bar, an intermediate layer of marten site and binate, and a refined, tough and ductile ferrite and pearlite core. With the above process our bars have the following properties:

  1. High yield stress above 500mpa.
  2. High tensile load above 550mpa.
  3. It becomes resistant to corrosion.
  4. Its ductility is improved.
  5. Its strength does not reduce with increase in temperature like other types.

PRAMUKH TMT - Product Range:

Most Common Profile we produce as follows:

Nominal Diameter (MM) Weight Per Meter (Kg/M) Cross-sectional Area (mm²) (std)
08 mm 0.395 ± 6% 50.272
10 mm 0.617 ± 6% 78.550
12 mm 0.888 ± 4.5% 113.112
16 mm 1.579 ± 4.5% 201.088
20 mm 2.466 ± 4.5% 314.200
25 mm 3.854 ± 4.5% 490.938
32 mm 6.314 ± 4.5% 804.352
40 mm 9.866 ± 4.5% 1256.800